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I knew something was fishy about the kids’ clothing.

what i really loved about inception was that the imagery involved with the subconscious is very similar to the imagery in x-men.

in the messiah complex story arc, emma frost delves into scott summers’s head in order to find what he has been keeping from her. his mind is filled with 20s imagery… it takes place in a 20s-style hotel, and when emma and scott are there they wear clothing from the 20s. the hotel is filled with people from scott’s subconscious, also dressed accordingly.

as she travels through each room in search for scott’s secret, she finds a black box that she can’t open. this is where scott is keeping his secrets.

in inception, everyone has a certain style to their dreams. arthur always dreams business people in pristine corporate buildings. it’s the same in x-men. scott summers always dreams a hotel from the 20s. in inception, people keep their secrets in safes, or locked boxes. it’s the same in x-men.

maybe some of the reasons i wasn’t super-impressed with inception was that i’ve seen a lot of their ideas before while reading x-men.

yeahh. i love comics (:

a pretty good movie, i suppose. however,

i felt absolutely no suspense throughout the whole movie… i just felt too sure that each character was going to succeed in whatever he/she was supposed to do that i never once felt afraid that they were going to fail, especially in the scenes where everyone was preparing the kicks. that was definitely supposed to be suspenseful, but it just wasn’t for me. 

i was also really disappointed with the lack of development in ariadne. it seemed like nolan was too busy using her character to uncover things about cobb to actually develop her. she was pretty flat (as a character) to me… we know that she is curious about cobb character, but why? we only see her curious nature in one scene, where she is tinkering around with architecture for the first time, and i don’t think that’s enough to warrant her curiosity for me.  

the zero gravity fight scene disappointed me so much. it just looked far too easy. there were no real moments where i thought arthur was getting his ass kicked… i mean sure, there was a thirty-second bit where he was grappling with another guy, but there was no struggle on his face. he didn’t get punched in the gut, and if he did, he didn’t grimace enough for me to notice that fighting was actually hard for him.

i really loved mal though. marion cotillard did an amazing job playing a hungry, female antagonist.

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